Monday, April 6, 2009

Extreme Parental Hysteria

Parents worry excessively about their kids, and they probably usually worry about the wrong things. But an article in Daily Beast today really nails it as far as parental fears are concerned: kidnapping, death by allergies, especially peanuts or shellfish, or even lightning.

Reminds me of the time for a children's garden party, we invited my daughter's peanut-allergic friend. She came and I spontaneously mentioned to her father, a physician-allergist that breathing nutty air near our walnut trees might possibly impact his daughter although I am not at all sure it happens, and of course, he hasn't been back with her. Don't suppose it could happen, but who knows?

Anyway, hope this article, "Sandwiches that kill" adds some humor to your day, as it did to mine. It was written by a Manhattan mom, but to her issues could be added the complex perils of suburbia, such as accidentally abandoning a baby in the carseat...

Her point is well-taken that parents nowadays have so many new worries that are layered atop the ones we already grew up with, crossing the road, not staying out too late. But some fears are definitely a little silly. Her story of parenting challenges in New York is fabulous, linked here.

Whatever happened to the ideas of letting kids build up immunities healthwise and learn to fend for themselves as they get older?

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