Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Twilight Trivia Quiz

For a change of speed, after the last serious post, here is a questionnaire to ask your favorite high school girl, from age about 11-18 or so. Good Luck!

Twilight Trivia! Yay!

Created by Emily Seymour

Okay are you ready? ARE YOU READY? =]

1) What cereal does Bella eat (mentioned in Eclipse)?

2) What is Bella's astrological sign?

3) Who is the principal of Forks High? (specific name)

4) What is Phil’s job, other than playing minor-league baseball?

5) What is Victoria’s power (not confirmed, but Edward assumes)?

6) Who does Charlie spend the day playing cards with? (first name only)

7) What is Tyler’s mom’s name? Mark’s mom’s name? (no ‘mrs.’)

8) What bathtub cleaner does Bella use?

9) Why is Angela’s house empty of her family when Bella helps with addressing letters? How many siblings does she have?

10) What kind of food does Esme bring from Port Angeles for Bella when she is taken hostage by Alice?

11) What month and year was Rosalie turned into a vampire?

12) How many humans has Rosalie killed?

13) How many siblings did Rosalie have when she was human?

14) What was Rosalie’s friend’s name?

15) What was that friend’s husband’s occupation? What was that friend’s child’s name?

16) Where did Rosalie live as a human?

17) What was Rosalie’s fiancée’s name? (full)

18) Her fiancée had some friends with him that night… what was one of their names, and where was he from? (hint, the fiancée asked him if Rose was as lovely as something from that state)

19) Why did Rosalie choose Emmett to save, other than because he was being mauled by a bear?

20) What does the flyer that Bella is told to throw away say on it? (exact words)

Answers will appear in a few days.

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