Saturday, March 14, 2009

Since When Are Blogs Vulgar?

In some ways, the blogosphere insistent and vulgar demand for some responsibility, some moral and ethical accountability for previous decisions and pronouncements.

This quote is from the Weekend Opinionator, a blog about blogs in The New York Times. Vulgar? Yes, anyone can theoretically have a blog. Not many actually do.

If blogs are looked at as "vulgar" then I can counter that by saying that many new innovations, like household products, kitchen aids, computer related gadgets and software are considered "vulgar" until they reach a critical mass of owners. Then they're accepted, liked, even respected.

It's about as useful to compare blogs as to compare works of art and science, because that's what blogs are, works of the writing art, for expression. Content is all that matters, as it does for radio.

My two favorite celebrity blogs have different styles and both are extremely entertaining:

1.Jane Fonda's blog at, a very experienced, off-the-cuff style, very spontaneous and interesting because her life has been so fascinating. She's been at it for a long time.

2. This is Goop is at, Gwyneth Paltrow's elegant and ambitious blog, thoughtful and very prepared .

These give you the best, unedited insight into their true views. These ladies are especially harshly criticized for sharing opinions. Funny, but there aren't many celebrity blogs.

Then there are The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast and other aggregate blogs, which are online news breakers with longer magazine-style articles. Extremely useful and entertaining (and suitable for insomniacs), I enjoy them but wonder how the aggregate blogs will continue when founders stop paying contributors.

Some notable Professors are starting blogs and these can be very interesting and knowledgeable. A computer science professor at Princeton, Professor Bernard Chazelle's very entertaining and long-running blog "A Tiny Revolution" has links to other blogs.

It's helpful to find blogs that are useful to you, with a voice and information you want to know, and bookmark them, even subscribe. There are many fabulous blogs starting up all the time, one by one, little known.

The golden days of blogs are coming. It's terrific to have another source of information and entertainment. In American homes, radio, television, and offer live, visual action. Why not go to a live theatrical production, a sports game, a movie? Read a newspaper, your Kindle, your twitter, wherever you can with the time you have. Life is good.

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