Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canada Is Too Soft To Criminals - What Will It Take To Change?

The Canadian bus criminal deserves a worse fate than being ensconced privately in a hospital for the rest of his life. It's way too good a life for the likes of this sick man.

After all, isn't that how a very wealthy sick person is treated?

Canada is being too soft on him. He doesn't deserve such good treatment. Worse, it could encourage others with similar tendencies to do violent acts knowing the punishment sounds more attractive than fending for oneself, having to work and live a useful life.

Canada must appear very attractive as a safe haven for criminals. The law should be changed. It's supposed to act as a deterrent not a cushy boarding ticket. This criminal might free himself to escape more easily than he could in prison, and he might go anywhere in the world. Even in prison the cost of keeping him alive will be very costly.

He has single-handedly turned an open society into one that must treat all bus passengers now with suspicion. It has also hurt the travel industry. Every Canadian I speak to here in the United States vows not to take a bus in the Canadian prairies ever again.

It's absurd and sad that this Canadian-born and raised mother feels solely responsibility to change Canadian law. It's a crucial decision and important for the future safety of all Canadians.

Bus companies and Canadian tourism generally would profit if her fight's successful and should help take responsibility as well.

Justice must be swift and shown to be done.

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