Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just when life couldn't be easier, it gets harder again. When I bought a new cellphone last week, I assumed the new one would work to make my conversations in the car hands free as my previous one had done.

Not true. Here's news that not everyone realizes is a possibility: not all Bluetooth cellphones fit all cars with navigation systems offering Bluetooth. A Bluetooth cellphone must match the car, specifically the Bluetooth strength in a car's navigation system. Bluetooth connections in cars aren't uniformly compatible with any cellphone.

Maybe this could serve as a lesson to all to check car dealer's websites before purchasing a new cellphone so that your cellphone is the make and model that will connect to the make and model of your car's navigation system.

You might also check the car dealer's website to see whether your possible new phone will be able to add new phone numbers singly or in multiples in the navi's memory, and whether the phone will ring automatically each time the car is turned on. There are many more features in cellphones to check on the sites. We're all different and that's the beauty of choice.

Here is a website link to to view cellphone/Lexus compatibilities. This wonderful site allows you to compare cellphones by phone manufacturer, carrier, phone features and even compare complex capabilities side-by-side to help you narrow your search. Copying a page of your comparisons makes it easier for all when visiting the store. Buying online is a breeze, too, but it's good to be able to see your cellphone first before buying.

Even better is to prepare. A new one I bought as a replacement after my purse was stolen, though it kept the same carrier and telephone number, just didn't pair with my car's Bluetooth connection. No one could make it work. About seven people in the car dealership were consulted and after 2 1/2 hours, my new phone was declared defective.

When I checked the website, sure enough my exact cellphone wouldn't ever pair as it just wouldn't work with my model of car. Oddly no one at the carrier where I bought it, or at the dealership confirmed that as a fact. I had just been lucky that my last phone had matched the Bluetooth in the navigation system. Happily, my newest phone finally connects just fine...

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