Monday, February 16, 2009

"Dealer's Warranty"

Evil diabolical criminals aren't necessarily foreign. They can be homegrown, as the Oklahoma City bombing and other acts of violence prove.

Fortunately, my problem isn't that bad. When I extended a lease on my Mercedes to a fifth year because I was too busy to lease another one, I also wished to extend the warranty. It just happened that I got a postcard in the mail around that time a year-and-a-half ago, and assumed it was from the Mercedes dealer, because the card mentioned Mercedes.

Anyway, I called up "Dealer's Warranty" and had a short conversation and obtained a service warranty on my car. Or so I thought. The money certainly went out of my credit card each month.

But when I changed vehicles a year later, I was supposed to stop the service warranty. I forgot to do so for two months and noticed the payments were still coming out of the credit card bill. So I called up the credit card company and asked them to stop payment, but they said I would have to fill out paperwork (ugh!) and only then might they help me.

So I called all to various numbers at "Dealer's Warranty" and calls to them are supposedly recorded. But when I said that I might put this trouble in my blog, they said they wouldn't talk to me, until I relented.

Grudgingly, I did my part. I got details of the paperwork to fill out with four necessary nuggets of information, including notarized certificate of mileage when the car was returned to the dealer.

Since then, I have received various phone calls from "Dealer's Warranty" threatening to close the coverage, which is what I wanted. But the worst was today when the individual told me that my credit would be ruined if I didn't make another payment. He also said he would only talk to you-know-who, a female. He insisted that I had covered another make of vehicle than the one I have. Also, with raised voice, he insisted that the VIN number we sent on the certificate was incorrect (right!). That's what he said in a short phone call: "That's it, Lady, you're credit's ruined".

I hightailed it to the Mercedes dealer, who disavowed any connection with this warranty company. The dealership says they do not give out names, but the Department of Motor Vehicles does, to warranty dealers who want to advertise. They recommend hanging up on all future calls from "Dealer's Warranty" and others who claim to be subsidiaries. They said the warranty is likely useless, and I don't know as I didn't ever file a claim during that year the services on my vehicles were supposedly covered. They also suggested emailing the Better Business Bureau.

Future posts will say whether I have any more trouble from this company. Meanwhile, stay away from those bastards at "Dealer's Warranty". They are calling now with untraceable numbers and harassing me at all hours. They don't sound at all foreign or have foreign names, and they are calling me from lots of different states.

I want to leave sort of a trail, if not on paper, then online. This company shouldn't be allowed to get away with using threatening, aggressive language and intimidating business practices. Also, I don't want anyone else to get threats of ruined credit, either. If it's not an empty threat, here is my side of the story.

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