Saturday, February 14, 2009

More on Alaska's Flawed Hunting Policy

The governor of Alaska doesn't get it when she says that 'anti-hunters' are bothering her as are the 'planned parenthood' group. Many people responded to a virus with thank you letters to Sarah Palin and donations to planned parenthood. She is on CNN here combining the two and calling my stance 'anti-hunting' (which it is not but rather against animal bounty-hunting). She calls it "political theater".

Ashley Judd

But Ashley Judd's stance, which I supported when I wrote in a previous entry here, opposes her. Biologists and wildlife experts are also against the governor's animal bounty-hunting policy, as this recent letter signed by 172 scientists proves.

The video comment by the governor is another example of her flawed thinking and rebuke of sound professional advice and education. Her zero-tolerance stance on planned parenthood sounds flawed as well. But a good outcome is that planned parenthood raised nearly one million dollars (U.S.) from the flap, and the governor got more free (negative) publicity.

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