Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why Do Half Of Americans Want To Move?

The economy probably has not been in the desperate straits it now is in, but we have more resources to deal with it than in The Great Depression. There is the internet, which can provide hours of nearly free enjoyment, the television and radio weren't available then, either. The discount stores, the dollar stores and WalMart weren't popular with internationally shipped goods. There weren't the huge number of grocery stores that there are now. Life is better in so many ways now that there isn't much basis for comparison.

There are some things that clearly could be improved, such as train and overland transportation. But if easier transportation has you thinking that city-dwellers are happier then here is an article on liveable cities that says that

"Most people who live in cities said they'd rather live someplace else."

Wow! And I thought city-dwellers feel content and happy with their choice! Did you have a choice, if you live in a city?

The Pew Reseach Center conducted the survey and

"Researchers polled 2,260 adults during telephone interviews.

The study also found that Republicans would like to live in Phoenix and Democrats prefer San Francisco.

The survey also found that more men than women would like to live in Las Vegas. Men living in rural areas said they are much happier living there than women."

The list of most desirable cities includes #1 Denver, San Diego, Seattle, Orlando, San Francisco and Tampa and least desirable include #1 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. Actually, I would have expected more southern cities and fewer northern cities on the desirable list. Denver is cold in the winter, Seattle is rainy, and there weren't any sunny southwest inland cities in the top six. And why doesn't New Jersey (my state by choice) make it onto the list? There are many, many affluent people in the northeast. Is it purely affluence or family relationships keeping them here?

So if half of Americans want to move, as this study suggests, perhaps the new administration should be looking at why so many aren't happy with where they are currently living. Is it a case of the grass looking greener, or would most generally want to try something different, including living somewhere else, and wouldn't ever be content? Please share what you think.

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