Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick look at The Presidency, the racial issue and fashion

I hope we as a nation can get away from the obsession that he is black. I'd rather live in a color-blind society. It means far more to me that he's freakin' smart than his pigmentation is different than mine. It's disappointing to see so much focus on his color. Truly, I hope in future years it doesn't even get mentioned. from "Slope of Hope", Tim Knight's finance blog.

With this statement I am in total agreement. His race and color should not be an issue at all. What do you think? How much more educated and experienced in politics and legislative issues could a first couple be than they are? Well, I guess the Clintons are Democrats similar in education. But there are very few, and look where it got them!

Today is Inauguration Day. There is an amazing zoom view here at CNN and an innovative satellite view here.

The Obamas appear to have energy in abundance. Supposedly they are giving ten speeches at ten different balls this evening, even after a day like today. His speech this morning was excellent and I would like to analyze his latest ones sometime.

Here is a wonderful description of her clothes:
Michelle Obama wore a pale yellow shift dress and matching coat by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban born designer based in New York. She paired the distinguished wool lace dress with bright green Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' kitten heel pumps, pale green J. Crew gloves and a striking necklace to celebrate the swearing in of her husband as the 44th President of the United States. A vision of optimism.

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