Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashions at the Golden Globes: a critique

One of my secret pleasures is watching pre-shows on the red carpet in Hollywood before Awards Shows. It is such a huge achievement just making it there. But I do differ from some of the fashion critiques I have read about last night's gowns at the Golden Globes.

The acid test is in a clever slideshow, here, compiled by The New York Times and divided into colors of dresses. These stars probably spend ages choosing gown styles, many hours a day exercising to look so toned, and prepared with stylists for days just for this short moment in time basking on the red carpet.

Most of the stars' dresses are not patterned, just a single color. The makeup appeared to be flawless on all, and hair styles were beautiful, in general. Some actresses look like they had done "nothing special" with their hair, just an everyday cut and style. Others looked like they had at least spent time with a hairstylist, while others went all out, looking totally "in the moment" movie stars.

My absolute favorite winning look is Drew Barrymore. She looked so special and movie-star-ish. Her hair is being ridiculed so much! I myself loved it and thought she looked absolutely stunning with the hair and the very beautiful dress in a very becoming style and color. She looks to be in excellent shape. With her figure and those bones together with that gown and hair and makeup, she looks luscious and beautiful.

I did differ in my preferences from the general view on several looks. There isn't much jewelry, even costume jewelry, in these photos which would have been an improvement. Beyonce's necklace certainly redeemed her look, the slit dress in a becoming color (although I didn't much go for the style) and pulled-back hair, but is the necklace real? I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal looked elegant as usual and statuesque, not "overwhelmed" at all, in that patterned side-shouldered, belted number. Glenn Close wore a party suit, proving that it's possible, but the trousers could have used a little more length. I prefer her in a very feminine look. I always love her looks and she always looks great. Some of the gown colors I thought were too severe, such as black on Amy Adams and Laura Dern. Who died? Also, I thought some of the hairstyles and gowns were not well-matched together, like blond Rene Zellweger in a black dress with a see-through top. Cameron Diaz wears a beautiful dress, but was she too busy for highlights and a cut? Of course, these may be personal choices of the stars. In general, they are all beautiful and chose well to emphasize their own positives.

They all had been fussed over and looked excellent, perhaps their "personal best". After all, they are all human beings, and different from each other, albeit almost perfect specimens. I would rate all their hair and gown styles between an eight and ten out of ten. They look perfect.

The men had achieved so much and looked so well-dressed that they all are off the hook with a perfect "ten".

On the other hand, I am not worthy of judging these fashions harshly. What a fright it must be for the stars. This is just my chance and a forum to air my personal views! Thanks for reading.

Now what do you think? Which ones do you like the best and the worst?

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