Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogs: The Most Important New Medium

Blogs and interactivity in the form of games, shopping, email and more, on the internet are the most important new social media not only of the New Millenium, but since the advent of television.

And I have to say that The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are getting ever more interesting and varied posts by the day, with more notable authors able to write their views and versions of the truth. Those big blogs are becoming very important and enjoyable, HuffPost for its breaking news and important bloggers and sheer variety of coverage and Daily Beast, also for its breaking news, thoughtful stories and Cheat Sheet. Readers are hearing opinions they know are original, not vetted or sometimes twisted by journalists. Posts have the excitement of television with more permanence and thought and usually time for cursory fact-checking. Blogs are getting more journalistic and newspapers are searching for ideas from blogs.

This is a great new medium and it's getting more polite all the time. Nobody knows where it's going, but then again, what's not to like now? Why not make use of it? It is a new dimension of life enrichment and a new, exciting alternative medium for social, political, educational expressions and information. And it's developing very rapidly.

"There aren't enough blogs in America", as I heard on NPR. Yes, it is fun, despite Sarah Palin's derision. Even one-person blogs such as this, where I care about having readers, can be a place to add to an international conversation and hopefully impart useful information.

If you have questions on how and why to start a blog, try checking these useful books to see if you have it all in you:
The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging and ProBlogger.

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