Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bernie Madoff's wife: innocent?

My question is, how can Mrs. Bernie Madoff be innocent?

If the girlfriend of a mortgage thief portrayed on "American Greed" CNBC TV last night can be jailed for two years for attempting to cash his bad check for $100,000.00, then how can Mrs. Bernie Madoff be allowed to get off without any sort of punishment? I know nothing about her except that her photo has appeared, but it just isn't fair. After all, she has just supposedly sent holiday gifts to family and friends to the tune of $1 million in the last month since he has been under house arrest.

I just don't understand it.

Bernie Madoff is clearly someone who had trouble dealing with the reality that while some of the money was his, most of the money was not. He appears to have taken much of the money he ever received from others to invest, perhaps passed some to earlier investors, but kept most for himself to spend. Reporters are still trying to find out the truth, of course, but apart from being one, was he involved with foreign or domestic criminals and accomplices at all?

Here is the story of Sonja Kohn, a lady banker who gave him money to invest. How much of the money does she now have?

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