Thursday, January 15, 2009

All Rescued from Airliner in Hudson River

Americans should feel very proud of the impressive performance of the crew, passengers and rescue personnel who saved so many lives today on the U.S. Airways flight from La Guardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well, I suppose if you need to park your plane fast and and are carrying nearly 160 passengers and crew, please be sure to do so 1)in the river at Manhattan 2)on a calm day without waves or many boats 3) before rush hours on a weekday when the ferries are close by and lots of people are awake enough to help and 4) be sure to have enough years of practice to do so successfully without ripping up the bottom of the plane. Also, 5) open the doors and get everyone out fast and 6) please make sure the plane floats so that everyone can get off safely and someone can get their luggage later.

Otherwise, it doesn't sound like a good idea.(The plane could crash and everyone could die.)

I have never heard of a major airline plane landing on water and everyone getting out safely. Have you? Some passengers are walking on water in the photograph shown, the wing, really.
My, were they lucky! Who said, "Luck is what happens if you work really hard"? Everything aligned perfectly in their favor today. Did the cold temperature hurt or (dare I say it) could it have helped speed rescue efforts?


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