Monday, December 8, 2008

Some stocks to watch for the upside, finally!

Mon Dec 8 2008
Dow 8,934.18 +298.76 (3.46%)
S&P 500 909.70 +33.63 (3.84%)
Nasdaq 1,571.74 +62.43 (4.14%)
10y bond 2.74% +0.01 (0.37%)

A good up day for the stock market today. President-Elect Obama's promise of the largest infrastructure initiative since American highways were first created boosted morale with investors.

EBS is a stock to have invested in at the beginning of the year as the anthrax vaccine maker has gone up fourfold this year. I have been watching it lately with wonder. What a rare stock! It would not have attracted much attention last year, but this year it is showing its superstar status. Shows the sorry state of the economy if a vaccine maker is a big winner, wouldn't you say?

An article worth reading in Forbes likes EBS for the long term, and lists (with reasons) four other possible winners for the long run:
(2) PETS - PetMed Express, the nation's largest pet pharmacy
(3) BER - W.R.Berkley, a Connecticut-based niche area insurer
(4) APOL - Apollo Group, online education
(5) LPHI - Life Partners Holdings, secondary life insurance

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