Sunday, December 21, 2008

Current winning stocks

Looking at free stock screeners today, they give different year-to-date and one-year charts, almost the same span of time now. I usually look at several, and today the MSN list has more of the winning stocks, but I can only really decide that I like the look of the charts for:

EBS, Emergent BioSolutions, the vaccine maker, and

AIPC, the American Italian Pasta Company.

Of course, there are many more companies farther down the list that have charts not included here quickly heading up, and some at the top of the MSN list that peaked earlier in the year and are down significantly from previous highs that I cannot recommend. I may list them at another time. Again, buyer beware. There are many components in a buy decision, but for me the chart tends to be the final deciding factor. I just can't buy anything based on good fundamentals, hoping the price will go up, if the stock price isn't going up. There could be too many things I don't know that will soon be reflected in a stock price that is heading down.

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