Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My question-of-the-day

Are there precedents in American history of someone with similar credentials and education to Sarah Palin who has ever gone on to win a Presidential election?

Obviously, a Presidential front-runner has not been:
1) a woman
2) a mother of young kids
3) a governor of a state who is a woman
4) wife of a fisherman
5) wife of an Eskimo
6) special-needs-kid mom
7) hockey-mom
8) in such public need of hair and clothes upgrades for her and her family.
9) with a bachelor's degree in journalism (verification, please)
10) self-professed "expert" in oil and oil exploration (see vice-presidential debate)
11) an aggressive hunter and consumer of defenseless wildlife
12) a honey of the National Rifle Association. Do they care about the high national murder rate and how to change it?

She is evidently not over-educated and definitely not well-traveled in preparation for a national run. When is she going to travel internationally enough to broaden her sharp attitudes? And I had heard that New Jerseyans are known for 'picking up "attitudes." '

Is her aggression going to win anything more for her? I hope not.

When will she learn that the diverse genealogical composition of the people inside America who are already living here is an all-encompassing benefit?

She is clearly an aggressive, assertive and argumentative woman, who had the least credentials of any recent female candidates to have gotten almost as high as she has. She is definitely riding along the road paved by Hilary Clinton.

I could go on and on. But I am just blogging.

Wonder if she has ever used a computer? Haven't noticed any sign of that at all. She is unlikely to read this.

President-elect Obama has amazing and exciting computer initiatives planned that could revolutionize the access of Americans to computers through national broadband access. There are plans for a Cabinet level appointment of a Chief Technology Officer with mandates to keep the internet open and improve it while safeguarding privacy.

Even math and science research will be encouraged by the new Administration.

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