Monday, October 27, 2008

WSJ: What It Means to 'Manage Up', by Elizabeth Garone (excerpt)

..."Knowing your manager's style -- and adjusting your own to meet it -- will help you manage up, she says.

...There are plenty of other easy steps you can take to become adept at managing up, according to Ms. Edwards. Important ones include: paying attention; jumping in when needed; maintaining a good attitude no matter what; doing quality work; keeping your boss informed; building relationships, trust and an information network; staying out of politics; learning the art of selling and negotiation as well as the company's rules; and being a good follower when the situation dictates it.

With today's shaky economy, learning to manage up is more important than ever"....

..."you want to be categorized by management and your company as someone too valuable to lose"*
said Rosanne Badowski, the executive assistant to Jack Welch when he was CEO of GE and author of a book about "managing up".

*The Wall Street Journal

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