Monday, October 13, 2008

Dow's Best Point Gain And Percentage Climb Since 1933

Today is looking like a rally with the Dow up 331.58 to 8782.77 nearly 4%!!! That sentence was typed at 10 a.m. Even better, the Dow was up over 11% by 4 p.m., the end of the trading day. From The Wall Street Journal:

Stocks snapped a brutal losing streak in resounding fashion as the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed its biggest one-day point gain ever following new moves by governments to shore up the global financial system.

The Dow leapt 936.42 points, or 11.1%, to 9387.61. The rally ended an eight-day slide in which the blue-chip measure plummeted almost 2,400 points and endured the worst full-week performance in its 112-year history. Monday's move was the best one-day closing point gain ever for the Dow and its biggest one-day percentage climb since March 15, 1933.

Hope springs eternal...

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