Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crystal Healing School for Royal Clairvoyants

Monarchies are harmless as long as one doesn't have to pay for them. Here's what one Royal is doing...


Princess Märtha Louise claimed to have "seen the light" in 2002, when she married author Ari Behn in a lavish royal wedding at the cathedral in Trondheim.


Norway's Princess Märtha Louise, daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, has emerged as a clairvoyant, and is launching an alternative school aimed at training students to contact angels. Officials at the Royal Palace won’t comment on the princess' latest business venture.

The princess' business partner has publicly confirmed the training program, which is billed as a means of "getting in touch with your own truths" through "readings, healing, crystals and hands-on treatment."

...The 35-year-old princess was educated as a physiotherapist, trained as a Rosen therapist and also has studied at an academy for holistic medicine "where I learned to systematize sensual impressions to read others, and through horses I learned to communicate with animals on a deeper level."

Märtha Louise, who competed in equestrian events for several years, said that she started "taking contact with angels" when she worked with horses. "I have later learned the value of this enormous gift, and want to share it with others," she said.

...The princess has launched Astarte Education with a friend, Elisabeth Samnøy, who describes herself on the website as a former ship mechanic who also attended a holistic academy.

...The pair concedes that their training program isn't sanctioned by Norwegian education authorities. Courses will be offered twice a week over three years, at a cost of NOK 12,000 per half-year.Students are obligated to sign up for at least one year at a time.

Original. For those who have the "gift"!

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