Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hope Legislation Passes in a Timely Fashion

Bernanke Reiterates Need to Act Quickly

Doesn't this headline at the top of "The Wall Street Journal" sum it all up?

Yesterday, watching the Treaury Secretary, Henry "Hank" Paulson, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Ben Bernanke, attempt to face a grilling from lawmakers on CNBC, I felt so sorry for them.

Their questioners were doubting their credentials to be doing this. But what were the credentials of the lawmakers to be questioning them except that they have passed popularity contests with the American voters? Since the lawmakers have to pass popularity more importantly than educational contests, why should they be the judges of economic experts?

Paulson and Bernanke are noble men doing what they can to help their country, and they are being publicly abused for creating solutions that their abusers cannot begin to understand, let alone fashion. These appointees (appointed for their expertise and cooperative skills) don't need or deserve this abuse. They would quit in exasperation and impatience if they were not such responsible men. Let's hope they can get this important effort completed with their health intact, and that they do it well, for future generations.

Paulson, especially appeared to be very sleep-deprived and nervous, and was instantly expected to answer with conversational solutions some difficult computer-dependent problems. Big problems take a lot of time to solve, if they can prove to be solved at all by people. If these two individuals had been harder scientists, they would not be there.

These are very friendly, cooperative, knowledgeable men, and all of their precious intellect and energies and time were being spent, wasted, on this hearing. If executive salary and other positions are going to be bundled onto this legislation, the whole American economy could collapse while legislation takes ages to pass.

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