Friday, July 18, 2008

Precious metals

DJIA*11496.57 49.9 10.44%
2282.78 -29.52 -1.28%
S&P 500*1260.68 0.36 0.03%
Russell*693.08 -3.55 -0.51%
10-YR Note*4.089% -25/32 -0.77% * at close

Source: Dow Jones, Reuters

Mixed news ends the week, with the market up for the week,
but the Dow remains below 11,000 and oil is down as well.
Is this good news or just sort of middling? We need
housing prices to start going up.

Speaking of precious metals, I wanted to say a good word
about Dodi Designs. Dodi's rocks are the best. She gets precious
and semi-precious stones from all over, including Manhattan
and the gem shows. She uses only the best gold and sterling silver
clasps and designs. Two of her newest necklaces are of blue topaz,
acquamarine and rutilated quartz. Others are of pink quartz,
blue, green and white turquoise, smoky quartz, lapis lazuli, citrine,
amethyst, Labradorite. They all are treasures, stunningly beautiful and
ultra creative. All her rocks have wonderful significance and
meaning, of prosperity, power, happiness, and so on. I love her
taste, and I would just love to have more of her rocks, too. She
models her designs on her website and has earlier experience as a
Manhattan model. She is Canadian-born and also a concert pianist,
very multi-talented, wouldn't you say? She sells her jewelry
by appointment in Hopewell, New Jersey. Well worth a visit.

Her website is

If you would like to know how to contact her, you may do so by
emailing me as well. Her phone number is (917)797-4121. She
would love to design for the big fashion houses and department
stores. I'd say she could do it. Her designs are rapidly spreading
out from the Princeton, New Jersey area.

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