Tuesday, July 15, 2008


While anyone can read my articles, they were created with my daughters in mind and come from a helpful, sharing place in my heart. I thought making a blog would seem to be so easy and fun that I just have to try it.

I will explore my favorite themes in life : – ))

Tax-deferred mutual funds, and other forms of financial investment

The stock market and my favorite websites

Favorite newspaper and magazine articles of the day and my reactions

My favorite shopping websites

Book, movie and television show reviews

Travel photos and reviews

Recipes, of course.

Probably, I will usually have the tried and true in women's blogs: fashion, beauty, celebrities and love life.

There will also be a general interest directory of miscellaneous awesome go-to websites for instant reference and entertainment pleasure.

Also, I will offer the following free practical “How to” advice and steps to take:

How to cook

How to get a new kitchen

How to get a new bathroom

How to get a new septic system

How to get a new swimming pool

How to get water samples and why

How to sell a house

How to sell a farm

How to garden

How to buy a car

How to finance your purchases

You can go to find some more reliable "How to" information in the fabulous website linked here: http://www.ehow.com/

Since there are so many questions I would like to think about, I will offer popular philosophical debating points, such as “What do mathematicians do?” from an outsider's point of view. I am looking for further mental exercise, and will have infinite subjects to ponder.

I apologize for my female attitudes, but this is natural (though not ideal) and for any inconsistencies in the content, misspellings and outright mistakes I might make as they were not intentional. I also apologize for my speedy changes of subject, as my interests fly all over the map. Also, I am writing about the American market in case there should be any question. I need to say that these opinions are mine and mine alone, and do not represent those of others unless so specified.

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