Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ETFs today

There is a new section in the Smart Money website I have been enjoying having a look at.
There is now an ETF map of the market, tucked inside their website, that supplements their stock and mutual fund maps of the market:


and a monthly performance .pdf file here:http://www.etftrends.com/files/06-30-08ETFReport.pdf

Since I am a perennial bull, let's see the numbers year-to-date improve. At least today's numbers are up:

DJIA*11602.50 135.16 1.18%
2303.96 24.43 1.07%
S&P 500*
1277.00 17.00 1.35%
Russell*716.82 19.19 2.75%
10-YR Note*
4.105% -17/32 -0.52%
* at closeSource: Dow Jones, Reuters

Financials led a buying rally near the close, just while I took a swim on this hot summer day!
Stocks were trading rather like a typical mid-summer day until three o'clock Eastern time, that is, not much. I suppose it was like a coiled spring that built on its own speed. I don't usually swim mid-day, but I will happily do so again before markets close if this is how the market is going to behave.

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