Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blue Point Grill

This evening, my family and I met for a dinner at Princeton's best seafood restaurant, the "Blue Point Grill" at 258 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. (609) 921-1211. Widely acknowledged as having the freshest seafood in the area, the owners, our acquaintances, Jack and Carol Morrison, own it and another restaurant in town, the "Witherspoon Grill" along with "Nassau Street Seafood" that sells seafood and produce. We love the sophisticated atmosphere and the chance to meet friends and acquaintances in a very convivial, fashionable corner location with outdoor seating in the warm months, ideal for people watching, as is "Tiger Noodles" across the road. We buy wine at the shop next door, although the "Witherspoon Grill" has its own license in the very center of Princeton. There may be a little wait for a table unless you call ahead Sunday to Thursday. You will want to dress up a little for dinner here!

One of my daughters loves the lobster bisque at the "Blue Point Grill" and has, in the past, ordered two giant bowls for a meal and always craves their soup! My twenty-year old daughter had raw or very lightly grilled wasabi tuna and found it very tasty. The scallops are subtle, and the caesar salad is substantial, well-tossed and moist, and totally delicious. Those appetizers are great. I have had the avocado and crab in the past and love that, too. Then, for the main course, my chilean sea bass was perfect: moist and well-grilled. The main courses are sometimes of paired fish. Impressively, there are fresh fish dishes from the nearby Jersey Shore and from all around the world and the menu is re-typed daily. Optional side dishes are well done, too. Steak and children's dishes are fine. Desserts are always very rich and imaginative, and I prefer fresh fruits.

The "Blue Point Grill" gets caught up in local charitable events of all sorts, so you feel your money is going to go to good causes. They also sometimes have live music outside.

"Blue Point Grill" is located in a cluster of international restaurants to the near east of the university and long-time food joints for students. While it is primarily a fish restaurant, the "Blue Point Grill" has fresher fish than many restaurants beside the ocean I have tried. But students of Princeton University, despite its proximity don't tend to eat there, except with their parents. Parking is on street. Try it next time you visit Princeton for simple, fresh perfect meals.

The "Witherspoon Grill" in downtown Princeton is hot, too, and offers a wide variety of meat dishes with pep and style and a fine bar. It is close to shopping, next to some new condos and parking ramp (amusingly, where a pond used to be) next door on one side and the new Princeton Public Library on the other side. All this, of course, is in the center of Princeton, where you have lots of choices for eating and parking.


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  1. Wow, I loved reading this post! What a great review of the Blue Point Grill! I didn't realize it had the same owners as the Witherspoon Grill. As a follow-up, I enjoy the Atlantic Salmon and Shrimp Dumplings, which are always cooked to perfection. Thank you for posting so much wonderful information!